Speechie Struggles: What Can I Do with a Linguistics Degree?

What can I do with a linguistics degree?

There are a number of things you can do with a linguistics degree!

The knowledge of linguistics could feed into a number of fields such as library, archival informational studies, Education, Academia, Law and business. Let me break down some of these fields:

  • Library, archival and informational studies: preservation and processing of records and archives. This contributes to the information about past events of individuals and organization.
  • Education could mean being a teacher, e.g. teaching English as a second language, special education teacher etc.
  • Academia: includes doing research on linguistics, administration, teaching, language documentation and revitalization.
  • Business: specific application of linguistics in this field could include communications, human resources and marketing.

A combination of linguistics and computer science/ technology knowledge could be applied to speech technology, natural language processing and machine learning. Further, there are a lot of transferable skills in a linguistic degree that could be applied to other work, e.g. analysis, critical thinking skills and informational processing.

Hope this helps!


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